Jose Zamora

Jose Zamora has been part of the Art Centers Community since 2010. He joined the Art Centers after having  previous art instruction at a public high school and has been drawing and sketching since he was eleven years old. Zamora credits his inspiration to become an artist after having watched Bob Ross on television as a child. Zamora’s creative process begins with a series of simple sketches that are later combined with found reference images, creating a series of sketch-collages. These collages then function not only as studies for larger paintings and sculptural works, but which Zamora also considers artworks in their own right. His choice subject matters include vintage technologies, architectural structures, popular cultural icons and inspirations from his personal and familial history. 

Across the scope of Zamora’s body of work is an underlying attention to detail, an unmistakable sense of humor, and nods to the kitsch. He has masterfully developed an eye and aesthetic for whimsical subject matter and unconventional materials, imbuing them with a kind of endearing affect that elevates them into objects that command attention. Outside of the studio, Zamora enjoys watching and attending Dodgers games and spending time with his family who have provided an invaluable support network for his artistic and personal development.