Sarah Woo

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Lives in Palos Verdes, CA; works in San Pedro, CA

Sarah Woo is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses the subtleties of the everyday. She draws from both observation and her imagination, creating ceramic and mixed media sculptures that form her own interpretations of familiar animals, figures, creatures, patterns, experiences, and objects. Vacillating between geometric abstraction and illustration, Woo uses expressive colors and shapes to simplify her subjects to their most basic, essential forms, then adorns them with patterns, delicate marks and dense textures.

Sarah Woo is a professional artist with special needs who has worked from the ECF Art Centers' San Pedro studio for 6 years. She is represented by DAC Gallery, where she regularly exhibits. ECF Art Centers is an adult program of Exceptional Children's Foundation, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities.