Jesse Warford

Jesse Warford.JPG

Lives and works in Los Angeles

Jesse Warford’s creative practice spans over four decades and has resulted in the production of multiple and robust series of print-based works and paintings. His work is characterized by bold and assertive gestures, and the employment of color to convey intense emotions. The work of Vincent Van Gogh has been particularly influential, specifically the emotive usage of color and brush strokes. The Dutch Master’s storied personal history has been a subject of fascination for Warford, inspiring titles for recent etchings such as, “My Lonely Brother” and “Come Home Brother”.

Jesse Warford is a professional artist with special needs who has been working out of ECF Art Centers' South L.A. studio for over fifteen years. He is represented by DAC Gallery, where he regularly exhibits. ECF Art Centers is an adult program of the Exceptional Children's Foundation, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities.