Harvey Schwartz

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Although Harvey Schwartz's style can be described as a compelling combination of naïve, pop and outsider art, his frequent use of text adds a diametrically opposed dimension to his works, giving viewers a glimpse into his thought process, and at times, into his difficult past. Dogs, cats, pigs and devils are the primary subjects of Schwartz; narrative and serve as metaphors for his own existence. Words play an important role in Harvey's life, as he thoroughly enjoys crossword puzzles, and loves to quiz his mentors with riddles of his own design. Harvey's passion for words is only rivaled by his passion for food, which he expresses in his more whimsical works featuring donuts, cakes, pies, and his favorite candy. Harvey Schwartz is a professional artist with special needs who has been working out of ECF Art Centers; South L.A. and Downtown L.A. studios for over 40 years. He is represented by DAC Gallery, where he regularly exhibits. ECF Art Centers is an adult program of the Exceptional Children's Foundation, a Los Angeles- based nonprofit organization that provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities.