Lenny Salazar

Lenny Salazar 3.jpg

Lives and works in South L.A.

Lenny Salazar is an Artist whose work is inspired by cultural icons such as The Jackson 5 and Soul Train. His work is unmistakable, with most works carefully assembled from magazines, specifically Penny Saver and memorial announcements from his church. There is a oneness to the faces he crafts, always giving them a perfectly spherical afro, dark eyeliner, and redrawn eyebrows. The images of these faces are copied and coupled, sometimes twice over. Each piece drawn on, folded, or taped together. The works edges tell the story of handling, each piece turned lacey and soft, carried, and drawn on. They carry a sense of preciousness and delicacy. Salazar loves bright colors, flowers, and shamrocks, often filling his backgrounds with a rainbow of colors. Salazar works almost exclusively with markers and paper, but recently ventured into canvas and paint.