Victor Prieto

Victor Prieto.JPG

Victor Prieto creates illustrative drawings and prints inspired by popular culture, horror movies, comics, and tattoos. He works in series, creating images that work together to form a larger narrative. Victor draws from observation, photographs, and his imagination depicting figures, skeletons, animals, and floral images. Working primarily in graphite, ink, and watercolor, Victor uses vivid marks, dynamic lines, patterning, and dramatic compositions to illustrate his subjects. 

Victor is a professional artist with special needs who has worked from the ECF Art Centers; San Pedro studio for over 3 years. He is represented by DAC Gallery, where he regularly exhibits. Victor and his family are active members of the San Pedro community. Victor enjoys watching and participating in local sports, attending cultural events in and around San Pedro, as well as dining at local restaurants. Outside of the Art Center program, he enjoys watching movies and television, listening to music, and reading comics. He draws much creative inspiration from the movies, videos, and shows he watches on a daily basis.