Michael Norton

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Michael Norton’s paintings and drawings combine geometric abstraction with figurative illustration, his work often calls to mind the colorful, intricate, and classic aesthetic of stained glass. Prominent subjects in his body of work include people, militaristic symbols, industrial machinery and architecture. By combining the aforementioned subjects with kaleidoscopically colorful patterns, Norton creates paintings that are striking not only for their aesthetic quality but also for the way in which these austere and symbolically loaded subjects are transformed by their proximity to the rainbow.

His practice in the studio is almost equally divided between painting and researching historic images and archives. Norton is a professional artist with special needs whose studio is based in the ECF Art Centers; Westside location. He is represented by DAC Gallery, where he regularly exhibits. ECF Art Centers is an adult program of the Exceptional Children's Foundation, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that provides services to adults and children with developmental disabilities.