Aljosha Owens

Aljosha Owen’s bourgeoning body of work is distinctly bold and versatile, subtly and sophisticatedly balancing pattern and repetition. Sourcing inspiration from daily observations and his own imagination, Owen creates ceramic sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works that reflect his own interpretations of architectural structures and homes and their respective meanings. Through his usage of simple geometric shapes, coupled with a brilliant understanding of negative and positive space, he creates compositions that simultaneously simplify his subjects to their essential forms while revealing a studious and profound meditation on what “home” and “structure” inherently represent. Owen and his family are active members within the Southern California art, music, and cultural communities. Outside of the Art Center program, he enjoys watching movies and television, listening to music, and reading comic books. He is an animal lover and has a dog that he loves dearly and walks daily. Owen is a professional artist who has been part of the ECF Art Centers & San Pedro studio for over two years. He is represented by the Downtown Art Center Gallery, in Downtown Los Angeles, California.