Monique Mack

Monique Mack draws inspiration for her figurative paintings and drawings from popular culture, specifically from images of actors, musicians, and the constantly shifting actors of the celebrity universe. Using found photographs and magazine clippings in addition to her own memories, Mack has created a body of portrait based work that reflects not only her own interpretation of glamour, beauty and popularity, but also reveals something about our own cultural fascination with media figures. Working in acrylic paint, watercolor, and colored pencil, she uses vibrant colors and expressive lines to reduce the subjects of her portraits to their basic, essential forms. Inside and outside of the studio, Mack is active and energetic; she enjoys water aerobics and taking long walks throughout her community. Outside of the Art Center Program, she enjoys watching movies, dancing, listening to music, and attending concerts. She is very close to her family and will often attend cultural events with her mother, brother, nephews, and nieces. Monique Mack has been part of the ECF Art Centers & San Pedro studio for over five years and is represented by the Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.