Ross Matthew Liebowitz

Lives and works in Los Angeles

Ross Matthew Leibowitz's work bears a striking resemblance to art nouveau and art deco, a remarkable fact given that Leibowitz received no formal art training before he began developing his artistic practice. For Leibowitz, art is a process in which technical precision is akin to a kind of meditative practice, wherein every detail is a carefully considered and meaningful decision. More recently, Leibowitz's aesthetic has evolved dramatically from simple, faithful representations of still-life scenes, to elaborate and highly-stylized designs featuring imaginary plants and organic shapes that amalgamate into abstract forms. Although Leibowitz has largely worked in printmaking and acrylic paints, he has also created a large body of work comprised of mixed media and sculptural ceramics. He has been part of the Art Centers Program for over two decades and is represented by the Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery in Los Angeles.