Maria Kim

Born in South Korea; lives and works in Los Angeles

Maria Kim has been part of the core group of artists at the Art Center for over a decade. Her energetic and playful nature is reflected in her work in which ideas of leisure, childhood, family, and femininity are reinterpreted in abstract and often humorous ways. She regularly culls images from print and online sources, specifically seeking images those that speak about common notions of tradition, beauty, and luxury.

When Kim first joined the Art Center, she primarily worked individually and almost exclusively in acrylic paint and pen and ink, however within the past few years she has created a large body of collaborative work using print-based processes and mixed media. Kim was born in South Korea and regularly vacations with her family there. She loves to dance, sing, and makes new friends wherever she goes. She is an avid fan of Hello Kitty, food photography and the colors pink and purple.