Tony Brown

Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Tony Brown has been part of the Art Center Program community for twenty-five years. His repertoire of media is extremely diverse ranging from sculpture to drawing, printmaking and painting. His almost exclusively works in representational style, focusing primarily on nature, landscape and architecture. Brown’s approach to his studio practice is absolutely diligent and self-motivated; he rarely leaves a project unfinished and never lets technical obstacles stop him from executing and finishing his artwork. The extensive amount of effort he puts into each piece can be seen, regardless of medium. He pushes the form, shape and line of his subject matters to the edge of surrealism and beckons viewers to see the whole image, as well as the small intricate details. Years of experience inside and outside of the ECF Art Program are evident in everything Brown creates.

From early on, he remembers his mother and sister helping him develop his skill in watercolor painting. His family continues to play a central role in supporting his artistic practice and motivating his creative growth. Brown has a beautiful way of describing art: “All art is an act of worship - actually all life is, from walking to exercising to playing games.” In his pastime, he is an avid follower of wrestling fan, an exercise enthusiast and enjoys listening to hip-hop.