Tammy Brackens

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Lives and works in Los Angeles

Tammy Brackens' work spans over three decades, during which she has developed a highly methodical and consistent process for creating her surrealist style watercolor paintings. Each composition begins as a carefully conceived collage comprised of clippings from fashion magazines and periodicals, the collage is then rendered as a small preliminary watercolor painting. After after having resolved all compositional and aesthetic elements, Brackens produces the final result: a large-scale watercolor painting. 

Stylistically, her work follows a purely surrealist lineage influenced by her own subconscious fixations: children, animals, femininity, motherhood, notions of self and other - all of which represent some of her most prevalent and longstanding fascinations. The breadth of Brackens’ work reveals not only the remarkably disciplined practice of a skilled and methodical craftswoman, but a deeply personal struggle of a woman with a developmental disability struggling to negotiate shifting degrees of self autonomy, desire, longing, and self discovery. Tammy Brackens is a professional artist with special needs who has been part of the ECF Art Center. Art Program for over twenty years. She is represented by the Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery where her work is regularly exhibited.