Debra Alexander

Lives and works in Los Angeles

Debra Alexander has been part of the core group of artists at the Art Centers program for over a decade. Her artistic development dates back to the age of twelve when her mother first bought her a paint-by- numbers kit. Since then, she has developed a body of work known for it’s simple yet striking balance between color and composition. Her strong sense of color and design is also reflected in her personal sense of style - Alexander’s wardrobe is as diverse as it is colorful and always ahead of the curve. Throughout her years as a member of the community of artists at the Downtown Art Center, her artistic practice has remained remarkably focused. She rarely spends more than a few minutes a day socializing before immersing herself in her work. Her need to create something beautiful and harmonious represents not only a deep commitment to her craft but also an authentic mode of expression. When reflecting upon her creative practice, Alexander states, “I can be myself through my artwork.”